Nine Questions to Ask When Finding a Home Inspector

Hiring a home inspector shouldn’t be a simple matter of doing a Google search and picking the top name that pops up on the screen. You wouldn’t choose a doctor or dentist in this manner—and the same applies to finding the right home inspector, whether you’re a seller in need of a pre-listing inspection or […]

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Wet Basements from a Home Inspector’s Perspective

Viewing a basement for the first time—whether cluttered with junk or furnished with pool table and wet bar—often evokes one very familiar question from home-shoppers looking over a potential property: Does it get wet when it rains? It’s an important question that can highlight a number of trouble spots in a home. This condition is […]

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Home Inspection 101: Some Common Areas for Air Leaks

When searching for the perfect home, it is highly unlikely that eager shoppers—especially in this seller’s market—will be asking many questions about air leaks. To a homebuyer more interested in the building’s finished basement, new deck, and proximity to a preferred school district, air leaks may seem like a minor issue. However, home inspectors understand […]

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Checking the Attic During a Home Inspection Part Two: Ventilation

In the second part of our look at the attic portion of a home inspection, we’ll be examining the importance of proper ventilation and pointing out some of the common defects that the certified inspectors at A-Pro have reported on over the last 27 years. As we noted in Part 1, correctly installed venting works […]

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What to Expect from Your Home Inspection Part 1

One of the most common misconceptions about having a traditional home inspection is that the inspector will tell you absolutely everything about the interior and exterior of the property in question, from the new sprinkler system to the roof sheathing hiding under a layer of shingles, from the tool shed in the backyard to the […]

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